my media timeline

February 19, 2010


Random thoughts

February 4, 2010

i was laying down the other day and just stareing at the ceiling thinking about the world. then i get a text wat would u doo if u randomly become rich ..i just sat there thinking at a lost. i really didnt kno . i didnt even know how i would react. then i said to my self i know how i would react . it would be just like this .*foams at the mouth and passes out*

My media history

February 4, 2010

 Well i have went through alot of electronics in my life. I was self taught in all of them and i consider myself a person good with gadgets. My  most useful Media device would have to be my first cell phone. it saved me from the sadness and depression i was stuck it. it showed me how many important people i acually had. It was my most treasured device and it was also my oldest.

Ilive in apartment complex in edenwald projects ,also known as a gettho or a hood. I was a wall flower most of my life in every aspect of the term. Iwas anti social and the friends i did have could never find me because i was always confined to my home .it was a normal lifestyle for me and i accepted it.livng with my mother we did not have a house phone and that enclosed me for years befor my phone. When cell phone became popular where i lived i was about 13.i would not recive my first phone untill about a year later. I remeber when computer monitors came in differnt colors in school and i was amazed.

My older brother gave me my first phone but it was only by chance.He was buying one for his girlfriend and i so happened to be there. He had only known her for a month and she thought it was weird for him to buy her one and not me . I accepted because that was the only was i was ever going to get a phone at that time .My  first phone was some little blue-ish nokia witha a green screen and poly-phonic ringtons. it even had a flash light on the top of it. I took good care of this phone like it was a finger or something.

That was around the time i acually started to get out more . I relized that people accually cared where i was and wat i was doing. i was secretly over joyed to feel so important.i was so use to being alone and no one ever caring i thought thats what my life had in store for me. My phone gave me a renewed sence for life .

That phone lasted for about two years befor it became so out dated that people called it a relic. But with technolgy things are outdated a month after being  made if you forget to upgrade it .I couldn’t even go outside with out my phone . I would forget my wallet and my keys befor i forgot mycellphone. It became my link to the outside world and the people in it.

My cell phone is still my most important peice of equipment. It is like my utilitybelt. I can’t do anything without it now it helps me keep my world in a constan revolution. But, alas i had to upgrade my arsenal i now own a samsung impression. It is my  new sidekick in the battle known as life .It may be the new model, but i will never forget old faithful my nokia.

Hello world!

January 14, 2010

hello world!! this is my first time i have a personal blog that I am going to actually going to use more then is really hard for me to write out my thoughts that is the reason why i became an artist. I’m currently a web design student in college and i am doing my best to learn all tha i can from my professors.this blog will be used to gauge the book i will b reading in the area of web design. Not study material more or less books that use  web design in a more laid back and/or humorous style. This idea is actually an ide from the professor that teaches my class so excuse me if my blogs are not very interesting. i am going to do my best to show you the same kind of enthusiasm as i put into all of my artworks. To complete a continuous thought among today’s society is a real feat. but i would love constructive criticism towards anything that i put up in this blog.It is a good way to improve my writing and my comprehension of any piece of work that i am currently on. this blog may also be used as a collection of my thoughts so don’t be surprised if they are a little random but none will be tasteless or crude.there are just some thoughts that should remain in your cranium. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on any books that you think i should read  that u have heard of or have read your self.This blog stuff is harder then i remember it was easier when it was just poems and not complete thoughts. It makes me feel so nervous to know that people will read any thing that i am writing but there is only one way to cure stage fright.